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OCONOMOWOC, WI., May 18, 2016 -- Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation (OPEF) is a charitable foundation that was created in 2007 with a goal to raise and provide funds for innovative educational opportunities and experiences not funded in the core school district budget. The OPEF Grants committees made up of board members, past board members and community volunteers with educational backgrounds, have awarded over $350,000 in grants since 2007.


OPEF is excited to announce that the 2016-17 grants have been selected by the grants committee, presented to the board and voted on at the March board meeting.  Ten grants equaling over $36,000 will be awarded to teachers in the Oconomowoc Area School District. There are 8 educational grants and 2 from the Jennifer Bukosky Fund, established for drug and alcohol abuse prevention education in memory of the former OHS associate principal.


Park Lawn Elementary
LOL Bookmobile ($4,900)
The Great Wall of Possibilities ($1,810)

Greenland Elementary
Greenland Outdoor Learning Garden ($3,843)


Meadow View Elementary
Fidgets for All ($1,100)


Summit Elementary
Accelerate Reading Achievement through Personal Goal Setting & Electronic Portfolios ($4,841).


Nature Hill Intermediate
Nature Hill Summer Reading Program ($1,810)


Oconomowoc High School, Nature Hill Intermediate, and Silver Lake Intermediate
Drug Testing Prevention Tool ($3,800 from the Jennifer Bukosky Fund)


Nature Hill Intermediate and Silver Lake Intermediate
Comprehensive AODA Programming Grant ($1,500)


Oconomowoc High School
Leveling the Playing Field for All Learners with UDL ($10,395)
OHS Cardboard Grant ($300)


OPEF is proud to have already contributed over $77,000 to their endowment fund to ensure the long-term sustainability of the OPEF grant process.

The Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation was created to offer education-minded citizens a way to support the Oconomowoc area public schools with private, tax-deductible contributions.  Through various collaborative projects, OPEF seeks to encourage leadership, foster excellence, and nurture community in the Oconomowoc public schools.

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