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OPEF was pleased to award $7000 to the Oasis Project. The Oasis Project is a non-profit organization established in 2015 with the goal of helping to close learning gaps that economically disadvantaged and/or other at-risk children experience. Volunteer tutors who are retired educators provide the needed tutoring and support for students in kindergarten through eighth grades.  

The Oasis Project partnered with OASD in January 2021 at Summit Elementary. Tutoring and support services were provided to up to 20 children. Summit principal Brian Stuckey said that working with the Oasis Project was a "wonderful experience." Funding from OPEF along with other grants will help support the expansion of tutoring services into 1st and 2nd grades in Meadow View Elementary, Park Lawn Elementary, Greenland Elementary and Ixonia Elementary.












The Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation was created to offer education-minded citizens a way to support the Oconomowoc area public schools with private, tax-deductible contributions.  Through various collaborative projects, OPEF seeks to encourage leadership, foster excellence, and nurture community in the Oconomowoc public schools. For more information, visit


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Jan Frans, CEO/Founder of the Oasis Project  and Kathy Arts, Assistant Program Manager of the Oasis Project accept the award. 

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