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Grant proposals for the second cycle of 2020-21 will be available April 27, 2020 and  are due to  OPEF  on or before Friday, June 19, 2020. Prior to submission to OPEF, all grant proposals must be e-signed by the appropriate school principal and will eventually be reviewed by the OASD administration to ensure alignment with school district goals and curriculum.

The OPEF Grants Committee will evaluate all Grant proposals on a competitive, case by case process and approved by the OPEF Board of Directors using the following criteria:

1. The project demonstrates the potential of benefiting students in the school in which it will be conducted and/or the Oconomowoc Area School District as a whole.  The project aligns with the OASD Strategic Plan and mission of empowering a community through building learners and leaders.

2. The proposed project is clearly presented with realistic and educationally sound objectives.


3. The procedures to be followed are clearly described. The methods, necessary materials, resource personnel, tentative schedule and completion date are specified.


4. An evaluation plan suitable to the nature of the project is defined.


5. The budget request is reasonable and sufficiently detailed. Other sources of support are indicated or have been sought.  NOTE: All items recorded under Budget Expenditures for the project that are not educationally related generally will not be considered for granting monies for the project.


6. The proposed project has unique, creative, or innovative components as opposed to duplicating programs already in progress. NOTE: The Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation Board of Directors will limit the funding of all grants to a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms for strong

development and implementation. Upon completion of the grant period, the project must find alternative funding or be considered for acceptance into the curriculum activities for the Oconomowoc Area School District and/or school(s) involved in the project.


7. A second year of funding cannot be assumed. If the applicant desires a project to be considered for a second year, the applicant must reapply for funding for that year.


8. When receiving any publicity for your grant and/or on any written description of the project there will be a notice that this project was made possible through OPEF.


9. All 2020-21 projects receiving an OPEF grant will submit a final report through the Kaleidoscope grant platform to the Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation by May 31, 2021.