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  1. We believe that it is essential that we be responsible stewards of our financial resources to build and maintain a successful organization. 

  2. We believe that schools are a critical anchor around which members of the community congregate and connect, and our programs should nurture those points of connection and that sense of belonging.

  3. We cannot be successful without community involvement, so we will strive to involve community members in various ways.

  4. We are an inclusive organization that respects different points of view and encourages input from various individuals and groups.

  5. We believe that creating partnerships and collaborating with individuals, community organizations, and public agencies will lead to success for all those involved.

  6. We believe in accountability and will require grantees to evaluate funded programs to determine their success and effectiveness.

  7. We will seek to inspire trust and confidence in everything we do through transparent administration and decision-making.

  8. We are not a political advocacy group, so the OPEF will remain neutral in public elections and political issues.

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