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OCONOMOWOC, WI., May 20, 2014 -- The Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation (OPEF), today awarded more than $77,000 in grant project funding for the school year 2014-2015. Community support of OPEF, a charitable foundation created to support innovative and expansive curricular programming, comes through direct donations to the foundation and funds raised through its signature events: Haunted High/Terror @ 212 and the Annual Ball Masquerade, as well as other fundraising programs.


“The generosity of community donors during OPEF’s first annual campaign last year, allowed the foundation to award eleven grants to a total of thirty teachers this year,” said Patricia Napgezek, OPEF Board Member and Grants Committee Chair. “This was an increase of four (4) grants and over $32,000 versus last year. We are excited about the grants we are able to award this year, covering all grades and a large variety of subject areas. We are fortunate to have so many creative and committed teachers, able to think out of the box and develop innovations for our students.”

Twenty-three applications were reviewed by the OPEF Grants Committee and Board. The 2014 grant recipients, along with the grant titles and brief descriptions, are listed below.

Jennifer Bukosky Memorial Grant Award, Presented to Brenda Barker and Peihua Reinke

Nature Hill and Silver Lake Intermediate Schools

For “Comprehensive AODA Programming”

"Your Choice" assemblies, Red Ribbon Week activities and strengthened relationships will educate youth about drugs and alcohol.


Educational Grant Award, Presented to Traci Timm and Richard Peters

Grant Named The Dr. Patricia Neudecker Award due to donations made in honor of the district’s retired superintendent.

Ixonia Elementary School

For “Digital Field Microscopes”

Students of all grades will explore plants and living creatures "live and in motion" with digital microscopes and then view and make observations on IPADs or Smart Boards for enhanced classroom engagement.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to Rebecca Janny

Meadow View Elementary School

For “The Leonardo Project”

Virtual science notebooks will be used to create and experiment with interactive models of physical phenomena, bringing interactive scientific modeling to fourth grade learning.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to David Berlowski and Heidi Nieth

Park Lawn Elementary School

For “Fresh Air Out There: An Outdoor Classroom Project”

A fully-developed outdoor classroom built into the school's courtyard will provide a wide range of science project work, as well as writing, art and critical thinking curricula enhancements.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to Jill LaGrange, Wendy Harrop, Alyssa Voigt and Jodie Jens

Summit Elementary School

For “Learn. Make. Share. @ Summit Maker Space”

Computer and equipment redeployment will create an innovative, pilot-program Makers Space Learning Suite, blending art, science, engineering and design.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to Julie LoDuca, Krystin Dieringer, Nancy Buss and Dana Riley

Summit Elementary School

For “Third Graders Go Global”

Students will use Google Chromebooks and related software and apps to build critical thinking and global awareness.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to Michael Krill and Emily Goranson

Nature Hill Intermediate School

For “iSolve – The Classroom Revolution”

Ipad Minis with a uniquely designed teaching approach will build prototyping, inquiry, resourcefulness, self-efficacy, STEM strategies and real life application.


Educational Grant Award, Presented to Amanda Miller and Michael Bretl

Grant made possible through donor-designated STEM Education Funds

Nature Hill and Silver Lake Intermediate Schools

For “Introduction to 3D Modeling and Design”

The MakerBot 3D printer will provide students with access to cutting-edge technology and will allow students to design, model, and print 3D objects as they explore engineering and the design process.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to Nicole Schultz

Grant made possible through donor-designated Arts Education Funds

Silver Lake Intermediate School

For “Oh the Wonderful Potter’s Wheel”

Three (3) potter's wheels will provide students with more functional art experiences and expand clay-making activities.


Educational Grant Award, Presented to Nicholas Schueller, Jason Curtis and the entire OHS Social Studies Department

Oconomowoc High School

For “The Student Historian Curriculum”

Chromebooks and related teaching advance literacy skills through the study of history, student-generated research projects, online portfolio work and the exploration of a wider array of topics.

Educational Grant Award, Presented to Steve Olson and Jason Dahl

Grant made possible through donor-designated Vocations Education Funds

Oconomowoc High School

For “Building Trades in the 21st Century”

Projectors, amplifiers and screens will help to transform the learning environment along with the application of geometry and contemporary methods, enhancing co-curricular teaching.

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