From the community . . . to the schools . . . for the future.

OPEF Vision Statement

OPEF will inspire creativity and excellence in Oconomowoc public schools and make them a fountain of personal growth for the well-being of our local and global communities.

OPEF Mission

As a collaborative partner, the Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation will raise and provide funds for innovative educational opportunities and experiences not funded in the core school district budget. OPEF-supported projects will positively impact students and the community by:

  • encouraging leadership

  • fostering excellence, and

  • nurturing a sense of belonging through our public schools.

OPEF needs friends like you to help bring innovative and expansive teaching programs to our public schools.  Our grants give educators in the district the opportunity to creatively enhance curriculum.

For the entire month of November, OPEF has teamed up with Grace & Heart for a virtual fundraising event.  All proceeds from this event will be donated directly to OPEF to help us continue to support the learning needs of OASD students.  Click the button above to learn more.  

OPEF has given over $500,000 for classroom grants since 2007.  We encourage risk-taking, pilot programs, and thinking outside the box!  See what we've done so far . . .